How quickly can garage doors be installed?

Putting in a garage door involves different things that decide how long it takes. According to the best Canadian garage door builder, six essential factors affect how fast garage doors can be installed.

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1. Type of Installation

The installation needed is the first thing to decide how quickly a garage door goes in. Swapping an old door with a new one that fits the existing structure usually takes 4-6 hours. But, if changes are needed, like adding a new frame or adjusting the opening size, it might take longer. The type of garage door Installation will determine how long it takes. How complicated the installation is matters for how fast it gets done.

2. Weather Conditions

Weather is a big deal for installing a garage door quickly. Cold and snowy weather makes it harder to work, slowing everything down. On the other hand, nice weather makes the job easier and faster. Checking the weather forecast is essential to make sure the installation goes smoothly and happens on time.

3. Size of the Door

How big the garage door is matters for how fast it gets put in. Smaller doors are quicker to install than larger ones. But, if changes are needed to fit the door, like adjusting the opening or adding a new frame, it can take longer. The door’s size is a significant factor that decides how easy and fast the installation is.

4. Professional Installation

Getting a skilled installer to do the job can significantly affect how fast garage doors goes in. Experienced professionals know the ropes and can do the job quickly and correctly. They often finish the installation faster than those who have less experience. Hiring a pro can be a smart move to ensure a speedy and well-done installation.

5. New Construction

Putting in a garage door for a completely new home or a standalone structure can speed up the installation process. The installation can be rapid when it’s a brand-new building with no old door to remove. Sometimes, replacing a new garage door takes two to three hours. New construction simplifies the process, making it faster and more straightforward than replacing an existing door.

6. Similarity

If you’re swapping an old garage door with one similar in type and size, it can significantly reduce the installation time. When the new door resembles the old one, the process becomes more like a direct replacement. In most cases, replacing a door with a similar one can be completed relatively quickly, typically within four to six hours. The similarity between the old and new doors streamlines the installation, making it quicker and more efficient.


In short, knowing about new construction and having a similar replacement door helps you figure out how fast a garage door can go in. Going for new construction or picking a similar replacement door can speed up the installation, giving homeowners a faster and easier process. When you add in professional help and good weather, it not only gets done quickly but also gets done right.